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movement meditation
 foto: Chris Nunan, tak til Caroline Dusgård  

Shake free of habitual patterns, dance yourself happy,
make friends with that which moves in mind and body right now . 

Meditation in movement is a systematic way of training your natural wakefulness in movement - a way of exploring in-depth mindfulness practice with a joyful, flowing body. We offer CD's and workshops in dynamic meditation. We also train teachers and therapists in the use and integration of moving meditation in  work with others.

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Upcoming seminars and events:

 12 May, Open Evening in Aarhus
 7 - 9 July, Midsummer Mystery School, Helgenæs, Denmark


New CD, now available in English::  
cd-cover tre dansemeditationer
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Instructions and specially designed music. In the same 20 minute session delve into mindfulness meditation, get good physical exercise, and play with body and rhythm.

Use as a supplement and support for other kinds of meditation, as exercise on a rainy day, or as a pleasant experience for its own sake.

This CD contains three movement meditations with step-by-step instructions and dynamic music. This material is developed and tested in the delta program, a research project led by Niels Viggo Hansen, Ph.D., at the University of Copenhagen. Now available in an English language version, with instructions translated and spoken by Canadian mindfulness teacher and psychologist Heidi Mack.


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