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CD: tre dansemeditationer

Sound files for free download: 

         → Intro to dancing meditation ( English)  
         → Intro to dancing meditation ( Danish)  
      (try out dancing meditation - 20 minutes
        with a group or alone

         Intro without the voicetrack   
      (if you just want to move with the music  -
       or for teachers who want to use it with their
       own  guidance.)

         Mountain drone   
         Ocean drone   
         Space drone   
      (open "soundscapes" for many kinds of
        contemplative exercises. )

         Slow first mover   
      (New track - for the first steps of slow, explorative
         dancing meditation. )

         3 min Mary's Heart  meditation (Danish)   
         3 min Mary's Heart  meditation (English)   
         .. without voicetrack   
      (a heart / lovingkindness type meditation
        made for the re-opening of Mary's Heart
        Monastery at Sostrup Denmark, but of course
        the heart  re-opens wherever you are. )

(C) Moving Meditation / Niels Viggo Hansen.

Music, sounds, words made  for use in Moving Meditation workshops. Here they are as a gift for friends of the project. Use as much as you like, alone, with friends or with students, as much as you like. The material isstill copyrighted, and please note that the use as background in other sound or  video publications is prohibited.