Summer Mysteries

Wakefulness, wildness, friendship and wisdom – in the body.

Strandgaarden/Gomde, Denmark 7-9 July* 2017
(* three full seminar days – the stay can be extended – se ”start and end”.)

The greatest mystery is about your deep wakefulness, and its streams in life – in the body, in being with others, in the understanding. The mystery school is days when mystery is allowed to set the agenda while you take a well deserved holiday break from the doing, being and competing of modern existence. The mystery school is also an open, explorative community. And a celebration.


Moving meditation is our main approach, structured so that new, deep steps – wild and safe – can be taken by beginners as well as very experienced meditators. In particular, the entire second day will be dedicated to a new intensive sequence Kosmogonia, ”birth of the world” that takes you to the very core of the mystery. We believe you will find it as moving as we do.

There will also be time and space for sun, bonfires, musical contributions etc.

More about Moving Meditation
– and about Kosmogonia

Course leaders are Niels Viggo Hansen, Ph.D., philosopher, researcher, meditation teacher – and Charlotte Juul, coach, actress, psychotherapist, MA in transpersonal psychology.

Nordic midsummer in Helgenæs is the perfect setting for living mysteries. We are at ”Strandgaarden” which is part of the Buddhist retreat center Gomde Denmark.

The program. A detailed program for the three days will be handed out at arrival, as we will be adjusting it to weather forecasts and contemplative summer guest contributions.

Each day will start with an hour’s silent morning meditation in Gomde’s beautiful Buddhist temple.

Each day 2-3 sessions of 2-3 hours of shared meditative explorations with movement, music, sometimes philosophy.

Beautiful colorful meals (vegetarian, Mediterranean style). Walks. Breaks with tea/coffee. Some sessions will include reflective or colorful contributions from special summer guests – e.g. ”cosmic tango lesson”, ”inner life of pictures”, ”food is love” and ”ambient sunset garden concert”. All breathing in the mystery.

On day 2 we will go through a special, intensive meditative sequence, ”Kosmogonia”. That evening we will have a beautiful celebration of the mystery, in the spirit of ancient mystery schools.

So this will be a thoroughgoing, organic pulse of intensive formal practice, informal community and sharing, celebration and various colorful contributions for common exploration. We realize summer holidays should also be wholeheartedly enjoyed with sea, sun and high skies. Helgenæs is great in these respects. Holidays and mystery days in a good groove together.



”Kosmogonia” is a new, intensive sequence of silent and moving meditations that sit well as a deep middle part of retreats of two days or more.

Perhaps you are familiar with intensive retreat days in silence, with cycles of sitting and walking meditation? Here, this format is given a new, perhaps wilder and certainly more organic interpretation – a journey, at the same time deeper and deeper into meditation and further out into limbs and vertebrae of organic life.

The meditation sequence is rooted in the extraordinary insight into the time of nature itself, through which our young culture has had a very special basic relationship with nature for the last few hundred years – not yet fully understood – the insight that we are of nature, part of its self-unfoldment through development spirals within spirals. The idea of evolution is in fact a deeply spiritual thought first shaped by meditative thinkers a generation or two before it became scientific mainstream. This idea opens unique possibilities of a new, wild and moving light on meditative practice, just as meditation may re-open life and heart in a modern worldview which was deeply inspired at birth but became gray and bloodless in one-sided focusing on control, production and consumption.

A full day of this process is comparable in many ways with the initiations of ancient mystery schools. Not into dogma or memberships, but opening doors of experience and expression. Expansion of consciousness, without a shadow of drugs. Higher skies, deeper roots, more cosmos. We trust that you will find it as moving as we do.



Venue: Accomodation and seminar room at Strandgården, which is part of the Buddhist retreat center Gomde. Just outside the door there are hills, apple orchards, field paths, forests and beaches. Address: Esby Strandvej 8, Helgenæs, 8420 Knebel, Denmark. A week or two in advance participants will receive detailed travel info and be invited to a forum for shared transportation.

Seminar leaders Niels Viggo Hansen. Ph.D., philosopher and physicist, researcher at Århus University in group dynamics, meditation and related fields, meditation teacher through 35 years, student of Michael Barnett, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and others. Charlotte Juul, actor, psychotherapist, MA in transpersonal psychology, meditation teacher. Contributions by Maria Rose Dybvad, Max Bering and other members of the Moving Meditation Collective.

Seminar starts: Fri, 7 July. Breakfast and check-in 9.00-10.00 a.m. first meeting 10.00 a.m.

Seminar ends: Sun, 9 july,  4.00 p.m.  There will be coffee and a snack before departure.

It will be possible to extend the stay at Strandgården before and/or after the mystery school, so that you expand the event into a bit more holidays in wonderful Helgenæs.

including course fee, room and board – colorful vegetarian meals, coffee, tea, fruit, etc.

Seminar 7-9 July, all inclusive
Bed in a shared double room 2550 DKK 340 €
Single rooom 3150 DKK 420 €
Camping / accomodation elsewhere 1750 DKK 235 €

Staying an extra night at Strandgaarden: DKK 250 (d) / 350 (s), € 35 (d) / 48 (s)

Registration: Send an email to saying you would like to join and stating your choice of accommodation. Please include a line or two about your previous experience with meditation, body therapies, etc. We will reply with a confirmation of your reservation, account information, etc..

Contact: Moving Meditation, / tel +45 2895 0103.
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