Midsummer Mystery 2024

Strandgården / Gomde, Helgenæs, 14-16 June, 2024

Midsummer in depth and movement.

The cosmos sprouts, spiraling Inwards and outwards.

We enter silence and flow,

passing through to the mystery of wakefulness. 


The ancient Greeks had special beautiful places where they could visit the “mysteries” and nourish the roots in the depths of life.

There are still cracks in everything – you can go to Helgenæs to visit the great mystery of wakefulness, and its living currents in your life, your body and in your interactions with others. The “Mystery Days” are a time where mystery sets the agenda while you take a well-deserved vacation from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The “Mystery School” is also deep meditation, an open, investigative community – and a beautiful celebration.

The approach is Moving Meditation – meditation that involves body and movement. We work in the entire register from deep silence and clarity, to throbbing rhythms and sweat on the forehead (read about approach and methods here.)

Both silent and dynamic meditation are introduced in depth, in a way that suits beginners and super-experienced alike.

Read more below about the program, practicalities and registration.



The detailed program for the three days is shared on arrival, but main points are: Every day one hour of quiet morning meditation in Gomde’s beautiful Buddhist temple. Every day, in addition, 3 sessions of a few hours with meditative explorations in the whole spectrum from quiet to reflections, movement and sweat on the forehead. Coffee breaks and a while for a walk or midday nap. Beautiful colorful meals (vegan, Mediterranean style).

In general, we alternate between a friendly disciplined practice that each time goes a little deeper than you have done before, and a friendly free-flowing in informal gatherings.

Most of day 2 we are in silence and go through an intensive process with alternating silent and moving meditations. In the evening we come out of the silence and celebrate the mystery in the spirit of ancient mystery schools.



Kosmogonia – the birth of the world – is our name for a new intensive sequence of quiet and moving meditations.

Perhaps you know about intensive retreat days in silence, alternating between sitting and walking meditation? Here, this format takes on a new organic design – a journey, at once deeper in meditation and further out into life and limbs.

The cosmogonia process has its roots in the wild insights into nature’s own time, which the natural sciences have gradually opened up over a few hundred years. It may still be dawning for us, but we belong in nature as part of its organic self-expression. The theory of evolution started as a deeply spiritual thought among meditative thinkers a generation or two before Darwin et al got it established as mainstream science. Its spirit is very corporeal. As Goethe and others have shown, our individual lives have come into existence in a fetal development which, step by step, is deeply marked by the course of nature’s development. Of course, it still shapes the body, senses and togetherness in ways we only partially understand.

Here, you will not be listening to long lectures about the history or philosophy of nature, we will BE it. A day in direct bodily company with the birth of the world can in many ways be compared to the “initiations” of the old mystery schools. You will not be convinced or enrolled in anything, but open doors to more life. You expand consciousness without the shadow of drugs.

You will also learn an in-depth approach to meditation, with techniques you can continue with after the retreat if you feel like it.


Practicalities and registration

Venue: Seminar room and accommodation are at Strandgården, which is part of the Buddhist retreat center Gomde. Right outside the door are hills, apple orchards, field paths, forests and beaches. Address: Esby Strandvej 8, Helgenæs, 8420 Knebel. A week in advance, we circulate transport information and set up a forum for carpooling.

Kursusleder Niels Viggo Hansen. Philosopher and physicist, Ph.D., researcher at Aarhus University in group dynamics and meditation, meditation teacher for 40 years, student of Michael Barnett, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Erik Pema Kunsang and others.

Contributions by Merete Gry Jakobsen and other members of the Moving Meditation training team.

Start and end: The seminar starts on Friday, 14 June, with check-in, coffee, etc. from 2 pm and welcome meeting at 4 pm. It ends with lunch on Sunday, 16 June, at 1 pm.

It will be possible to purchase an additional night at Strandgården before and/or after the mystery school, so that you can pack the event into a little more holiday on beautiful Helgenæs.

Seminar fees:

including course fee, room and board – colorful vegetarian meals, coffee, tea, fruit, etc.

 Early birdRegular
Bed in a shared double room3000 DKK / 400 €3400 DKK / 460 €
Single rooom3400 DKK / 460 €3800 DKK / 515 €
Dormitory2600 DKK / 350 €3000 DKK / 400 €
Sleeping at home / accomodation elsewhere2200 DKK / 300 €2600 DKK / 350 €

Early bird rates apply with registration and payment before May 25.

Staying an extra night at Strandgaarden before/after: double 300 DKK / 40  €. Single 500 DKK / 65 €.

Cancellation: 100% refund until 20 days in advance, 50% refund until 4 days in advance, no refund 3 days in advance or later.

How to register: Send an email to info@moving-meditation.dk saying you would like to join the Midsummer Mystery. If you can add a line or two about your previous experience with meditation and/or movement practices we will appreciate that very much. We will send a reply email with confirmation and practical info including payment information.

Contact/more info: info@moving-meditation.dk ,  tel. +45 2895 0103