Mary’s Heart Meditation

This meditation was created as a gift for the re-inauguration of “Mary’s Heart Monastery” at Sostrup, Denmark – previously catholic monastery, now inter-faith retreat and cultural center. We did the meditation with all the guests at the celebration – retreat leaders, artists, politicians and administrators. However, it is not only for dinner parties but something very meaningful you can do whenever you have 3 minutes. Either by listening to the sound file or just by just remembering the meaning.


The guided Mary’s Heart meditation with soundscape.

(Sound / music: Kenneth Plon, Emilie Thalmay, Niels Viggo Hansen. Words: Niels Viggo Hansen)

The same meditation in Danish.

The soundscape without the words:

(Possibly a nice variation once you know the instructions)


The words

Mary’s heart is all-embracing life. It goes deeper than any religion. No matter where you are and what you are in the midst of, you can call on Mary’s heart  and it will be there to lift and hold you. The monastery at Sostrup always had this as its core meaning. So you are truly the monastery’s guest if you call on Mary’s heart, even if just for three minutes.

Close your eyes for a moment and feel what moves through this life, this existence, in this moment. Let it be, without changing anything. Sit, lie or stand just like that, for a moment. Two or three breaths.

Now imagine — and it doesn’t matter if this is a clear image or just a thought — that Mary is present right here, with a big heart that just loves you unconditionally and deeply wants all the best for you. What would be the very best for you to really be happy? Finding love and friendship? Becoming good at nourishing and helping? Generosity? Gratefulness? Peace?

Stay a minute with the image of Mary and the heart, and a fire that burns within it. This is a strong energy, it can burn away limitations, and give a new warm light to see things in.
Regrets, sorrows, anything you are not happy with… you are very welcome to take it in there, into the burning fire of unconditional love. Deep wishes, too.
Now as the end of this meditation, gently let go the image or thought of Mary. Open the eyes and just sit (or lie or stand) a moment with openness, in the middle of existence. Three or four breaths.

Thank you for joining us in calling on Mary’s heart.